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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Media catch up with Tube Cooling News

Going to the
London Blogger's Meet Up on the Tube last night I noticed that London Lite had a picture of one of old school cartoon looking fans, I blogged about two weeks ago on their front cover.

Air Conditioning at Old Street

I find it interesting when the media "discover" a story that a number of bloggers have already been discussing beforehand. The Tube being hot in the summer time is always going to be front page news. Always has been and unfortunately looks like it always will be.

At the end of the banter filled night at the Coach & Horses (summarised by Ged Carroll), some of us caught the tail end of the BBC news also reporting on the fact that the London Underground was hot. They used some footage from 2006 of people getting trapped on sweltering Tube trains and pulled out a TfL talking head to talk about what was being done to air condition the Tube.

800 Trapped in Heat on Central Line in 2006

With the sound down we couldn't hear what the Transport for London guy said, but it was fun to speculate.

"Blah, blah ... Victorian system... blah, blah .. not enough space... blah, blah .... efforts consistently being made ... blah, blah .... investment into cooling ....blah blah .... Victoria Line improvements .... blah, blah ....it's harder than you think". Etc etc

Now I've been able to watch & listen to what he actually said and it wasn't really that far off what we'd been imagining.

Cooling the Tube BBC Report Screen Grab
See BBC News video here

Love the "You'd actually be Cooler in Cairo today" quote from the anchorman at the start.

The 40 giant industrial fans on the Tube's network are apparently the best TfL can do at the moment (Londonist are also somewhat amused by this). So once again we have to grin (or rather grimace) and bear it.

Jaz Cummins sent me a link to an interesting YouTube video a week or so ago where people were using a novel approach to keeping cool on the London Underground

I just love how people will try anything, even the most basic methods to cool down.

Hi to all who came to the Meet Up last night including Ged Carroll, Rob Hinchcliffe, The Londoneer, Sandrine, Cedric Chambaz, Lolly, Julius, TikiChris, Londonist Matt, Jaz Cummins, Peter Marshall, Darika, James Whatley, Sian and Tom (Flashboy) and big thanks to Andy Bargery for arranging it.

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