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Sunday, March 18, 2012

London Olympics Usain Bolt VISA Ad - The Tube doesn't feature

Anyone who's read this blog for longer than just this post will know that I'm not a big fan of the London Olympics. I can just about recognise Usain Bolt and that's where my knowledge of the games starts & probably ends. However, on Sunday I saw this very Londony focussed ad for VISA contactless credit cards and quite liked it:

The gist is that two men (one of them Usain Bolt, the other turns out to be the guy who'll be setting off the starter gun) are trying to get from an airport in London to the Olympic stadium and they race through the capital touching in and out around the city using their contactless credit cards and using various methods of transport too.

Screenshot from VISA Usain Bolt Ad - no running

What I love is  how the London Underground doesn't even get a look in. Usain Bolt can obviously run to the stadium faster than taking the Tube during the Olympics. Actually even me running might be faster than taking the Tube during the Olympics.  Even a paddle boat on the Thames at Richmond is seen as more viable than getting on the Tube!

NB Please PR agencies note I really am extremely unlikely to blog about your vaguely Olympics related Press Release on the back of this post. I also don't do paid blog posts & VISA haven't paid me to post this, I just happened to be watching I Robot on Sunday night and the ad was running in one of the breaks. However, if you have an anti Olympics post, it might be worth sending it my way!

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