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Sunday, December 28, 2003

Worse than trainspotters

Yes there is something worse than trainspotting

Just popped over to
Diamond Geezer's blog which reminded me of a man I sat next to on the tube just before Xmas.

He had a little WHSmith notepad which he was scribbling into. Nosy bleeder that I am, I looked to see what he was writing. The notepad had the names of lots of people on each page with a town at the top. I thought it was an address book, so went back to staring at the ads.

But something wasn't quite right. There were just names and no addresses or phone numbers and some of the names sounded familiar. And why was he shuffling through glossy brochures on his lap at the same time? What were the little ticks against the names for?

Suddenly the penny dropped when some of the more familiar names were just a bit too familiar:

Steve McFadden
Lesley Joseph
Lucy Benjamin
Julian Clary
Bonnie Langford

OH MI GAWD - he was a pantomime celeb spotter. The pad was full of celebrities who were starring in pantomimes and the glossy leaflets on his lap were flyers advertising the pantos.

It was possibly the saddest thing in the world.

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