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Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Back in London - Tube Ordeal?

What a welcome

Ahhh, after just a few days off in sunny (and a bit rainy) Scarborough, it was back to the delights of the tube yesterday and today we face the prospect of a
tube strike to concide with the European, Mayoral and local council elections on the 10th June.

But not all doom and gloom, I saw a limbo dancing pigeon yesterday in the waiting room at Glamoursmith. I was sitting staring into space after coming back from King's Cross on the new wooden seats - thinking - ah, another day off work and suddenly a pigeon was inside - pecking on the floor. No one else had been in the room since me, so I wondered how the little blighter had managed to materialise from nowhere. After he'd finished snacking I saw him duck under the little gap beneath the waiting door.

Pigeon in limbo at Hammersmith

I also received a pretty rude email in bold letters from a tube driver who has his own IRC chat room asking me to add a link to his site as I have "duff" ones on my main site apparently (the two at the top for Eurorail and Railpass - both seem to be working fine to me). How positively would you reply to an email that started:

Do you respond to e mail these days? This is a repeat I'm sending.

Let's just hope that he's not sitting round the table for the negotiations about the forthcoming strike.

Finally, a nice email from Donal:

At Baker Street today I heard one of the regular announcements reminding pre-pay OysterCard Lovers to touch their card on the reader at "the beginning and end of your Tube or DLR journey". The person in the announcement I heard unfortunately ran their words together somewhat so it came out as "the beginning and end of your Tube ordeal or journey"...

Don't know whether this recording is limited to Baker Street. I may be going mad or hearing things - would love some corroboration.

Donal - maybe you are going mad. But I don't think too many people would be unduly surprised to hear their journey described as an ordeal.

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