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Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Getting in

It's Tube Strike Wednesday - Good Luck

Short post right now - it's about 8.15am and I'm leaving in five minutes or so. British Snail and buses for me today - expect lots of stories in the office today of how long it took people to get in. L8ters.


Actually I got in at 10 - which was only about 15 minutes later than normal for me. There was a tiny shuttle service running on the District Line going one stop between Richmond and Gunnersbury. From here people could pick up the SilverLink or North London Link as it decided not to run from Richmond today.

But South West Trains were only a bit later than normal and not hugely packed. In fact there was a bit of a "last day at school" atmosphere on my carriage, with a man jovially talking to me and asking questions while I was on my moby to my friend. It was quite weird as he refused to stop talking and was clearly having a laugh hearing me juggle two conversations. He told me that he and his colleague were going to walk from Waterloo as one was wearing his walking boots, whereas he had on walking stilletoes (Tube strikes obviously give people licence to talk bollox to complete strangers).

Just as we came into Waterloo he was reading Metro over my shoulder and was as transfixed as me on an article about kissing. "It's National Kissing Day - shall we start now"....."Err it's on Tuesday" I replied. He then moaned about missing it, missing the point that it's next Tuesday.

At Waterloo, lots of people looking a bit confused and running around trying to get hold of the right bus, but other than that, everyone still seemed reasonably good humoured.

Going over Waterloo Bridge I saw a queue of people waiting for the free River Bus and the sun was shining, it's a pleasant day for walking (stilletoes or otherwise), and I'm sure loads of people will be WAH'ing it (working at home) or WTAH'ing it (watching tennis at home). Let's see if The Standard will be screaming about chaos and London grinding to a halt tonight though.

Just in case you still need help getting in there's brilliant
Emergency Rail Map: "The map carries full details of the services and connections available to passengers for the duration of the industrial action", claimed a Network Rail spokesman, who wished to remain anonymous for operational reasons. "You can clearly see from the map that the network can adapt well to the disruption and passengers may not even realise there's a strike on at all."..... Enjoy

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