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Thursday, June 03, 2004

Gig on the Tube

Do you think these will take off?

In my
comments from a week or so ago Andrew Kendall brought to my attention a band called The Others who actually had a gig on the Hammersmith and City Line between Hammersmith and Liverpool Street on the 22nd May.

It looked like a huge laugh and Andrew has posted some great pictures of the event on his site where the picture below came from:

Kindly used with Andrew Kendall's permission - check out more on his site

The last time I saw pictures like this were from a massive party on the tube - The Circle Line Party last year.

Anyway, I asked Andrew for some more information about The Others' gig and he put me on to the Let's Kill The Others Forum and I found out that it was a "normal" gig with crowd surfing, free condoms, booze, crowds, cameras and bootleg recordings which the pictures show (well they don't show the free condoms, but you'll get the general drift). Check out the video on the NME's website.

The best thing about one of the threads on the forum though was a particularly surreal idea about making it a regular occurance and how the Tube might have to change if it was:

"Me and my good friend Mister Toms very much enjoyed the gig on the tube. So today me and Mr Toms had a conversation about the tube and all the crazy things that could happen on it, and Mr Toms came up with this idea:

Themed Months on the tube.

So you could have a Star Wars month were all the tube workers dress up as storm troopers. And the repair men could dress up as rebels. Then say the metropolitan line is down.. instead of saying "The Metropolitan Line is down due to engineering works" it would be "The Engineering line is under assault from rebel forces", said over the tube speaker system in Darth Vader's voice.

And announcements could be made on the tube such as "We are now entering hyper speed". Only it would come on as the tube is inexplicably grinding to a halt (as it always does). And that would really piss people off.

Oh what fun.

And you'd have to change your money from pounds to some weird space currency to use the tubes.

With such genius ideas surely me and Mr Toms should be in control of the whole system. What do you think?"

Perhaps Mr Toms and Plastic Long Breath should take over the Tube. Sounds a lot more fun than the current system.

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