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Sunday, June 20, 2004

Oldest Heat Reader?

I'll have some support stockings, some Fisherman's Friends and a copy of Heat please

Just came back from staying over at a friend's last night so jumped on at Victoria to a fairly deserted carriage, apart from an elderly lady reading a copy of
Heat - full of the latest Big Brother/Posh and Becks/celebrity plastic surgery/celebrity sneeze stories

You're never too old to read Heat

She looked fairly engrossed and I only wished I could have seen whether she was reading a discarded copy (they have a strange magnetic effect on most people) or whether she'd bought it herself.

By the time we got to Earls Court she was still gripped although her and a number of other people started flapping about a pigeon that flew on board for a lunch time snack. D'OH - was all I thought as I hadn't seen a pigeon in the carriage for some time now.

I was amazed at how determined they were to shoo it out and how equally determined it was to come back in. I spose they were worried that it would have got trapped on board and started freaking out in some Alfred Hitchcock stylie way, pecking at glasses and leaving droppings on copies of Heat - although not sure if we'd have noticed the difference. Perhaps there'd be a new column of celebrity birthmarks that look like pigeon shit.

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