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Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Phew wot a scorcher

Hot, hot, hot

I wondereded if the the fashion police would have a day off on the Tube today, but amazingly most people were wearing a decent amount of clothes although there were a number of people wearing shorts, well, who really would have been better off not wearing shorts

The Standard was
screaming with the heat

And typically or topically, when I got home this evening commenting stalwart and regular visitor Bradley, sent me a fantastic link from Metcheck which shows how hot it is on various lines on the tube. Basically it was bloody hot on all lines today.

Bradley also sent a link to a transport forum where he came across the original link and apparently someone had tried to cool down the Tube today in their own special way:

"Some idiot tried to cool down the Jubilee today by wedging a newspaper in between the doors. Of course this just resulted in a 10 minute stop in the tunnel, whilst the driver had to find out what the problem was."

Inventive but rather stupid.

At least Sheriff Ken is too busy trying to get re-elected this year rather than trying to re-instate campaign and �100,000 reward for some genius who can work out how to air condition the Tube.

Update - Quality post from Rob at The Big Smoker on some vox pop stuff from The Standard with people waxing lyrically (stupidly) about how hot it was on public transport.

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