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Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Speaking of Ken Livingstone

Mayoral Challenge

It's only two days till election day and The Standard decided to ask the front runners for Mayor some general questions about London and they all scored pretty badly - Ken and Simon Hughes (Lib Dem candidate) did the best with four out of nine London questions right - the
odious Tory Steve Norris got three and the Green Party Candidate - Darren Johnson - only got two of the London questions correct.

There were obviously a few transport questions:

How much does a weekly zone 1-4 Travelcard cost

I would have given the same answer as Ken:

Ken - I don't know I buy an annual season ticket
Norris - Between �25 and �30, I think but I get a zone 1-3 annual pass myself
Hughes - �15.40 (how can you so precisely give the wrong answer)
Johnson - I'm not sure - I always get an annual one. Maybe about �24.

The correct answer is �29.20

Then it all went horribly wrong for bus champion Ken.

How much does a bus journey into or from Zone 1 cost?

Ken - They're all 70p (hide your head in shame Mr Livingstone)
Norris - �1
Hughes - �1
Johnson - 70p

As much as I hate buses even I know it's a quid for adults.

I quite liked their answers on how they travel to work:

Ken - Tube (yes I have proof of this)
Norris - Bus and Tube. I get the bus to Brixton, then the Victoria Line to Green Park and the number 9 to Kensington High Street (then an essay as to how wonderful his journey is)
Hughes - It varies, sometimes I drive my taxi (errr, what - he has a taxi) or I take the 53 or 453 bus. I used to cycle but my bike was stolen. If I'm elected mayor I will walk to work.
Johnson - I take a train from Brockley to City Hall.

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