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Monday, September 06, 2004

Cor blimey guv it's today's Metro Momento

Walford East

There's a
new family arriving in Walford tonight who I can assume will be causing loads of problems in EastEnders. So it's kind of appropriate that Metro did a feature today on the Tube's most popular station Walford East.

"Based on Maida Vale tube station and taking the place of Bromley-by-Bow on the District Line, the fictional Walford East Underground station was built to provide another backdrop for all the drama from those famous EastEnders.....

Walford East was officially born in 1996

Fans outside Walford East last September, when the station got its last face-lift - the addition of Metros

Quite a long time for them to go without a Tube station as the soap started in 1984. You always saw people in the soap jumping on and off buses, but now the Tube seems to be the preferred mode of travel (next to the taxi of course when they usually leave and never ever return).

There's one guy at Transport for London (Nick Triviais) who's actually responsible for updating the timetables and poster campaigns at Walford East. Now poster campaigns I can well believe, but timetables. Is anyone really eagle eyed enough to worry about the timetable of a fictitious Tube station?

Trivias says "Walford East has every iconic London Underground feature fitted into one station in order to make it instantly recognisable as an Underground station to viewers who might have never been to London"

"Every iconic London Underground feature".....hmmm, I suppose their definition of feature is a bit limited. As there's no escalators, no buskers, no rats, no litter, no British Transport police, very few people at the station and probably, most noticeably, no trains.

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