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Wednesday, September 08, 2004

New Route Analysis (Part 1)

Well, last night I decided to test out a possible route home (thanks to everyone who suggested ideas for how I should get to and from work from Monday).

My route was Thameslink to West Hampstead, walk to the Jubilee line station, Jubilee line to Canary Wharf, walk to Heron Quays DLR and DLR to Deptford Bridge.

Now I had to miss my usual train south because it doesn't stop at West Hampstead. So I caught the next one 10 minutes later. The tube was relatively quiet at West Hampstead - by the time we were leaving Westminster it was heaving. The only downside to this route is the fact that I am joining the DLR halfway along its route to Lewisham so it's packed and there's nowhere to sit. When I get on at Bank I'm always first on so I get my usual seat but I can live with that.

I arrived at Deptford Bridge at 18.30 after a total travelling time of 1 hour 15 minutes. Using my usual route I get home at 18.15.

So despite leaving St. Albans 10 minutes later than usual, I got home only 15 minutes later than usual. So I think that's going to be my route home form now on. Now I have to test a route TO work.

Oh, another downside - I won't be able to play "race the bus between Moorgate and Bank". The roads between Moorgate and Bank (which are cunningly called "Moorgate" and "Princes Street") are so busy with traffic when I walk between the two stations that I usually beat the buses which drive down there. I like looking at the faces of the poor sods on the bus as they watch you walk past them for the third time as they stop at red lights AGAIN.

Try it yourself. Go to Moorgate station today at 17.45. Walk southwards down Moorgate and bear left into Princes Street at the Bank of England. If there is a bus anywhere near Moorgate going south when you leave the station you will get to Bank before it without having to walk too quickly. Crazy times. Just don't try to race the bus between Bank and its final destination because the traffic clears up after that.

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