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Monday, September 13, 2004

New Route Analysis (Part 2)

So then. This morning the new Thameslink timetable started. Northbound trains terminate at Kings Cross Thameslink and southbound trains terminate at St. Pancras. If you want to carry on using Thameslink you have to walk between the two via Euston Road.

What I hadn't realised is that they've completely rebuilt the platforms at St. Pancras. Or, should I say, built completely new ones with a new canopy over the top of them, replacing the original Victorian one.

So, new station, new timetable, commuters doing it for the first time. What do YOU think it was like? It was a nightmare. There were about 50 to 100 station staff there all with timetables trying to work out which trains were stopping at all stations and which ones weren't. You had trains arriving and hundreds of people crowding through the platform barriers (an invention I've never understood) whilst people were trying to go through the barriers in the opposite direction to get onto the train on the adjacent platform (good logistics there).

You had people tutting and sighing as usual and that bloody annoying "Would Inspector Sands please report to the control room" OVER and OVER again for 10 minutes. (Ask someone what it means -I can't be bothered to tell you).

So I walked out of Kings Cross Thameslink station and down Euston Road, past Kings Cross mainline station and then completely missed the turning for the new entrance to St. Pancras. I only realised once I was past the huge station building (which, of course, they can't rebuild because it's Grade I listed). So I turned round, ran back and missed my train by 30 seconds. Arse.

Never mind. At least I know for tomorrow now. I might even get to New Cross a few minutes early and get the 06.45 East London Line train to Canada Water and see if I can get the Jubilee line to West Hampstead for 07.40. NC to Canada Water - 6 minutes. CW to West Hampstead - 27 minutes. Allowing a 4 minute change at CW and a 5 minute walk at WH, I make that a total travelling time from NC of 42 minutes. So I should get to the Thameslink platform at WH at 07.22 so I may even make the 07.25 from WH. Perfect. Sod St. Pancras.

So, here's a picture of the 'new' St. Pancras platforms from far end of the platform near the front of my train (you can just make out the old St. Pancras station in the background beyond the temporary white wall):

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