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Sunday, September 12, 2004

Prom diddly prom prom prom ...

Ever seen Marble Arch station overrun with 20,000 people all trying to get out at the the same time? I have!

Hello, and welcome to BBC Proms in the Park which I went to yesterday and squeeeeezed myself onto the Central Line along with absolutely every other bod seemingly all at the same time, such was the lack of breathing space that I had. I learnt my lesson and walked to Green Park afterwards and got the Jubilee line home instead though.

On my carriage - which was still quite busy - I noticed that the next one down had quite a lot of empty space, which puzzled me for a second until I squeeeeed down to the end of the carriage and peered through the connecting doors to discover the reason - Ah! A tube drunk/nutter - available from all good shops - but accessories not included.

Fortunately this drunken nutter had gone and got his own, courtesy of his local NHS outlet, and thus he'd got the most space I've seen on a packed train for a while as he slurred his insults and waved his crutches around for a few minutes before then passing out. And SNAP that's when I took my picture, and a few other people then braved to rest their weary legs by sitting vaguely near him, but still leaving a crutches length of space between him and them. Hmmm, I wonder if he had a valid ticket?

I also feel the urge to give a quick mention to something which caught my eye last week - so much so that I took a picture of it.

So many times I hear people complain and grumble about the tube saying that it's horrible, dirty, smelly and late and blah .. blah .. blah .. okay get off your soapbox already! And when you do, get your head out of your Evening Standard for once as well and look around and trying walking instead of rushing and you'll see a lot of cool stuff around the tube of things from yesteryear that you probably walk by everyday and don't pay a moments attention to.

So this is from the terminus station of Hammersmith when I went through it the otherday, and there's the remains of what was obviously a huge advertising slogan for something many years ago - so long ago that it cost an amount of money that's done in shillings and pence which is something even I don't have a concept of - and I feel like I'm old! Which makes this even older.

So there you go. When you're at your local tube station this week, just stop for a second and take a look, for old maps, adverts etc... telltale signs of what once was once on the oldest metro system in the world.

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