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Friday, February 04, 2005

'cause I'm (still) a creep

So we had mini 'bloggers' meetup and film night last night then as in our official capacity, as "tubies" (or something) we checked out new 'horror' film Creep that is in the cinemas at the moment, which we couldn't really not go and see - considering that most of it is based on the tube and filmed in places like Aldwych and the old Jubilee line platforms at Charing Cross.

So is it any good?

Well... to be honest it was "ok". I've seen a lot better films - but I've also seen ones which were a lot worse as well, but I could have course just been enjoying it from the anorak value of trying to work if it really was Down Street where some of the filming happened (it wasn't).

No suprises for guessing quite early on that the young, attractive and blond main character in the film ends up surviving the adventure (just), whilst lots of other people get killed in rather gruesome ways along the way...

There were too many holes to pick about technical inaccuracies, or things that were just physically wrong, but that would just be petty, and you should accept the film for the entertainment it offers - even if the most scary moment (for me) was when the dog first appears! Right, I'll shush now and not spoil the plot anymore.

Afterwards thought, I went home via the Jubilee and changed at a rather empty platform at Bond Steet, and stood up on end with no-one else about and it was a bit spooky!

Just don't fall asleep on a platform though whilst waiting for the last train home after a big night out tonight, you never know what may be lurking in the tunnels...


My PC has finally been fixed so I can start blogging from home again, but just wanted to say a quick thanks to all the bloggers who came along to see Creep last night - You may want to read their reviews of Creep which are in brackets -
Pixeldiva, Helene - Stroppycow (Helene's Creep Review) Tom from Random Reality, Adrian from Chaotique (Adrian's Creep review), Charles from Purely for Self Amusement Purposes (Chz's Creep Review) and of course Geoff n Neil (Neil's review - She should have waited for a taxi).

Coincidentally Diamond Geezer also went to see Creep last night and has his own review here.

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