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Friday, July 29, 2005

All suspected bombers arrrested - London and Rome

Mobile phone picture of arrests from the BBC siteTwo women arrested at Liverpool Street station

Liverpool Street station was briefly closed at around 2pm this afternoon as as two women wearing Islamic veils were arrested.

Artur Yeroshin, a 21-year-old working at a shoe cleaning booth on the station concourse, filmed the arrests on his mobile telephone, with footage showing a policeman pinning one woman to the floor as other officers cleared the station.

British Transport Police said: "A number of packages were examined, but the stations have now been reopened." The station was re-opened at 3.20pm.

See the
BBC for more on this.

[Update 6pm - All four suspects from 21st July now arrested]

Meanwhile it's being reported that the two men arrested today in raids in Notting Hill and North Kensington may be two of the the suspected bombers from the 21st July failed attacks. Again the BBC has the low down on this.

Sky News report that 4th London Bombing suspect has been arrest in Rome

I've just heard on the radio that there's been a further arrest in Rome! I've just been watching Sky News. This certainly appears to have now been confirmed by several news agencies that the man arrested in Rome is Osman Hussain. He is thought to have attempted to set off a bomb at Shepherd's Bush.

The police will be making a press conference about today's dramatic events at 7pm tonight.

[Update 7.25pm - Police statement on the arrests]

I've just watched the police statement by DAC Peter Clarke. Roughly he said that it had been a day of "intense activity" and that "important developments" had been made. He confirmed that three arrests had been made in West London. One in Tavistock Square, near Notting Hill, and two men arrested at a Peabody Trust estate in Dalgarno Gardens, North Kensington. The two men there failed to surrender and "specialist tactics" were used to get the men from the building. Since then, one of the men identified himself as Muktar Said Ibrahaim. Clarke also said that "another man of interest to the investigations has been detained in Rome" and that Italian authorities named him as Hussain Osman.

Police statement on arrests given by Peter Clarke

No questions were allowed after the statement as nothing more could be said as it might "prejudice the right of any individual to obtain a fair trial". Clarke stressed that the safety of the public is paramount. "There will be more very visible police activity." He was grateful for the public's continuing support and understanding. However, "We must not be complacent. The threat remains, and is very real. The public must be watchful and alert. I would like to reassure the public that we are doing all we can to keep you safe". Full police press statement here.

Absolutely amazing day and it's fantastic that these guys were all alive as hopefully this will lead to even more potential bombers being arrested.

What a striking picture

Speaking of "very visible police activity". It's not directly linked with today's events but Tony Preece's picture below of armed police eating McFlurrys in a McDonalds in Leeds station on the day raids were made in Leeds on the 13th, is just, well, totally surreal, on so many levels!

Tony had a chat with one of them after taking the picture and says in his blog "he and his armed colleagues are called out all the time, the only difference between them and the normal police force is that they aren't seen that often and hopefully that will always be the case in this country".

Photo by Tony Preece

Jean Charles de Menezes buried in Gonzaga

Finally, we must not forget that today was also the funeral of Jean Charles de Menezes, the Brazilian man shot by police at Stockwell Tube station. This was held in his home town of Gonzaga. A London vigil at Parliament Square was also held to coincide with the funeral.

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