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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

How do you feel about travelling by Tube now?

Metro front pageMetro ask and get an array of answers

Today's Metro, published some of the letters and emails they've received, saying commuters have understandably been nervous. "Those who fit the stereotype of the bombers are under suspicion - because of religion, colour, behaviour or the bags they carry." Sadly, as you'd expect, most are from Muslims who've been verbally abused and been looked at suspicously. Also one from a woman who says:

"I am neither Asian nor Muslim. Yet this morning on the Central Line train four people watched me very closely as I opened my handbag, too out a packet of tissues and blew my nose. I am a mixed race, young English woman. Please do not confuse vigilance with paranoia".

This is closely followed by someone who wrote:

"Every time I see someone get on to the train with a rucksack my stomach lurches. Paranoia, I know, but please stop carrying them."

However, one of the most barking mad letters I've seen in Metro on the subject is from yesterday, which Metro chose to highlight - "A New Solution for a Safer Commute":

"This is clearly a time for applying unconventional ideas to the transport network. If we can get Londoners talking on the Tubes and buses, I predict our fears would be reduced by the community feeling - and the chances of deterring an attack would be increased.

My idea is to supply high visibility 'Volunteer Bag Check' jackets to commuters, who would invite other commuters on the network to open their bags. This would get people chatting. People who don't want to open their bags wouldn't be under suspicion but others would note that they hadn't entered into the spirit of things. The jackets would be passed on and could be sponsored by businesses having a 'vested' interest in getting their staff to work

Please, please, please let me have some of the drugs that you're on.

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