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Monday, December 12, 2005

Naked Train Drivers, Copulating Train Drivers

And who said driving trains was dull.....

Sadly (or not, depending on your overall opinion) this didn't happen on the London Underground but on National Rail. Train drivers on Midland Mainline, which operates trains across the East Midlands and into London, have apparently been daring each other to do wacky things on the train. However, the latest escapade involved a pesky driver getting sacked for stripping naked and taking a picture of himself while driving a train at 125mph.

Train's naked Driver Sacked - Metro

When I first read this in Metro I thought it was hysterical, but I spose today, now that I've seen more reports of it and realise it's probably not the most responsible thing in the world, to be in charge of a high speed train with 400 commuters and stripping off to have a lark with your mates!

However, I also found through The Sun, that a couple had been found well... er.... copping off with each other in a state of undress in the driver's cab of a train.

Detail of cartoon in The Sun

The Sun in a rather outraged fashion reported that "A SHOCKING video of a train driver having sex with a woman in his cab sparked fury last night. The tape, handed to The Sun, shows him groping the brunette, stripping off her clothes and performing sex acts....."

"It emerged on the day we revealed another driver had been sacked for stripping naked in his cab in a high-speed game of dare. At least FIVE other Midland Mainline drivers are said to be trying to out-do each other in shocking antics.

But the Derby-based company insisted the driver in the steamy train sex video was not one of their employees. The new 53-second mobile phone video shows the uniformed man putting passengers' lives at risk as he abandons the controls to romp

Ah, how I love the word "romp".

The article continues "One furious railway worker accused the drivers of 'playing Russian Roulette with passengers' lives'." Andy Reid, Labour MP for Loughborough, Leics - which is served by Midland Mainline - said: "This is a serious issue. Some people might see this as a bit a laugh but I think most passengers would be worried if they knew the driver of their train was not fully in control. There is a time and a place for pranks and behind the wheel of a train travelling at 125mph is not one of them."

The Sun - ever the public watchdog and I'm sure in an attempt to find the evil sex crazed driver, rather than in an effort to get an exclusive scoop and sell more papers close the article by asking "DO you know the driver? Call The Sun on blah, blah, blah, blah."

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