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Saturday, February 04, 2006

Brixton London Underground Results

Brixton Tube Station?Lost in Brixton Competition Winners

As many of you correctly guessed, the still of a very unusual looking Brixton station was taken from the popular US TV drama Lost and harks back to the English hobbit guy's days as a fledging rock star in London. Even though it may have been mentioned on other blogs, I discovered it on the brill Londonist.

One of the funny things they discovered was a forum where some people who had clearly never been to London were discussing the significance of the strange "underground" sign. Londonist's favourite is one from Lost scholar JayJay:

'Underground inside big red O- The "O"thers live "underground". That is why Micheal want find them, why their dirty and how they move around island so swiftly." Classic!

Anyway, I promised a London Underground coaster to the most accurate and the funniest answers as to where the still came from (ie which blog, which show) and why it was so funny.

The winners are Benny for most accurate "The Londonist and its from Lost 2x12 and was filmed in a Hawaiian backlot. You know I live by Brixton and I am yet to see a burning 40 (or however many) gallon drum. I really must be visiting at the wrong times ... does that happen during that day *g* "

Anthony's answer was a close second for the inaccuracies of the Brixton Tube sign!

The funniest in the end went to quin:

"Take a look at the big white wall next to the station sign. If this really were Brixton, five seconds later it would be covered in billstickers, assuming TOX hasn't got there first."

Well done guys, I'll be in touch about sending your prize to you!

Don't forget that the pencil case competition is still open to enter, deadline - 5th February 23.59 GMT. Although Neil is going to have to find a lot of paper clips to choose the winning entry about 40 of you have made correct guesses so far!

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