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Monday, February 06, 2006

Would you like to change a Tube Station's name?

Arsenal Tube Station - will this sign be a thing of the past?Change Arsenal to Gillespie Road

From the ever resourceful Londonist, I learnt that there's currently a petition to Ken Livingstone going round to revert Arsenal Tube station back to its original name of Gillespie Road. "There's no such place as Arsenal and as far as I know it's the only football club that has a station named after it. If they are prepared to move down the road to Cash Burden Grave then surely they should have to give up naming rights to their own station." says a guy from Islington.

Londonist writes : "Arsenal station has been so-named since 1932, when 'pressure from the club' persuaded the transport authorities to ditch 'Gillespie Road' in favour of the current name. The station retains signage for its former identity, however, and there seems to be a groundswell demanding a reversion."

Mainly as I have little interest in football, and as the football club is moving away, why should Arsenal be the only club to have a tube station named after it? It's not as if naming the station after a club helps you find the club. Fulham Broadway has never been called Chelsea. Queens Park Tube station is nowhere near Queens Park Rangers football ground (White City is actually the nearest Tube to QPR). Thousands of fans seem to find them OK.

So what do you reckon? Are the residents getting arsey about Arsenal? Or should we return to Gillespie Road? Also, are there any other Tube stations you think are inappropriately named?

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