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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Commuter Cupid returns to Metro

Will you get horny in Hornchurch? Will you meet your angel at Angel

Metro announced the rebirth of their Commuter Cupid section, where people can post messages or write in about people that they've seen on public transport that they fancy, in the hope that the person may be reading Metro and respond.

Commuter Cupid returns to Metro

Here's my favourite ones from the London Underground:

"To the hot bloke I sat next to on the Northern Line on the evening of Thursday March 9. You got off at Colliers Wood and were wearing a navy pinstripe suit and let me read your newspaper over your shoulder. You caught me looking at you as I looked back one last time" (Very much a James Blunt moment) "You have a very sexy smile."

"To the girl who gets on the Bakerloo Line at Elephant & Castle at about 8.15am. You have long brown hair and it's silky and straight. I think you are gorgeous and would love to get to know you better. Even if you don't swing my way, we could still be friends, right?"

Interesting. I suppose if she did "swing her way" there'd be more chance of success. Otherwise it might be a tad awkward striking up a friendship with someone the same sex as you, when you knew they fancied you. Specially if the only thing in common is that you travel on the same train. But you never know!

Finally, "To the girl struggling with her copy of Metro in a jam packed Central Line carriage on Monday March 6. You had black hair in a bob, dark brown eyes and a long black jacket. I was the guy reading an oversized book from under a beanie hat". (Strange place to read a book, perhaps he's a alien with eyes in the top of his head) "I tried to get out of the way so you could fold the page over - to which you flashed me an amazing smile and whispered 'thanks'. You got off at Bank, but made my day".

I think that one has the most chance of success, as at least she actually spoke to him which puts him streets ahead of the other love struck commuters!

Ian Marchant in his interesting book Parallel Lines or Journeys on the Railway of Dreams says that "Romance is hardly to be found on the Underground. In its place you have over-sexualisation. Passengers are crammed into tunnels like sperm in a fallopian tube. Posters depicting giant women with vice like thighs and ballooning breasts leer down from the walls. The sight of a well turned ankle climbing on to a train still fills the male passenger with enough fluttering excitement to last all eight hours in the office. The Underground is horny".

Well is it? I can see his point and in a previous post I was interviewed about my thoughts on "romance" on the Tube. It's ripe for close encounters, but even with Metro and sites like Isawyoutoday.com can true love ever blossom, or is the Tube just horny?

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