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Monday, March 06, 2006

Model Tube System

When the London Underground runs like clockwork

On Saturday I saw the only time when you can safely say that the Tube runs like clockwork.

Abbey Road Model Tube Station 1

Shame the all the trains were running from a fictional station though!

Abbey Road Model Tube Station

Abbey Road is a model London Undergrond station which was one of the many miniature railway lines on display at the Museum Depot in Acton where the London Transport Museum had an Open Weekend.

The next two pictures show the scale of the models, and not an invasion of giants over London:

Abbey Road Model Tube Station 2

Abbey Road Model Tube Station 3

These models (by Metro Models) were featured on the last TV series of The Tube and they were incredibily detailed and obviously painstakingly researched and created.

This was my first time at the Museum Depot at Acton and I was amazed at how crowded it was. Admittedly there were a large collection of men there who could be only be described as errr, ...... trainspotters who were poring over the models and stalls selling photographs of trains, buses and railways, and old timetables. However, I was as geeky as everyone else at the end of the day and spent some time buying old books on railway ghosts, a cheesy looking horror story / thriller set on the railway, a social guide to trainspotters and a double sided, 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzle of Waterloo station during the 2nd World War and post war time for just three quid!

Me and Neil also bumped into fellow Tube Relief Challenger, Chris Preswell, who was leaving as we arrived, and regular commenter Fimb and her husband - pictures from him here. Fimb managed to out geek us all by asking the guys in the shop intricate questions about a particular model bus series she is collecting.

UPDATE - Regular commenter and Tube Relief challenger SK was also there and has some pictures of the abandoned Space Train Project - it's about making more space in the Tube carriages, not running them to outer space, some 1938 stock, some 1930's Q stock and rows and rows of old station signs.

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