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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Playstation Ads banned from the Underground

Will we take transport ads too literally?

Tom Reynolds sent me a link to a story about a Playstation ad being banned from the Underground in Manchester as it was thought it might encourage people to jump onto train lines. It said "Take a Running Jump here". The ad had been on the platform in the underground station at Piccadilly and a spokesperson from Network Rail said: "An employee spotted it and said it was a bit inappropriate. The message goes completely against all our safety messages, particularly because Playstation is aimed at youngsters and we are constantly telling them not to trespass."

Playstation London Underground Ad

Now this ad from Playstation seems to be OK as I only took this picture yesterday. Maybe it's just me, but isn't that an open invitation to do something fairly unsavoury in public? I say, in my best Daily Mail voice, "ban it" we don't want our youngsters to be corrupted in this way.

Banned Playstation AdSeriously though, I can see the point of how an advertisement telling someone to "take a running jump" might possibly be seen by someone who was feeling a bit suicidal, and might seem like a "message from above".

Also Gigi sent me a link to an ad on the Berlin subway "tempting strap hangers to come a little closer". But if the excuse from Manchester, is to ban the ads just to stop kids from tresspassing, I think it's a bit lame.

Come a little closer ad in Berlin

Are we so "controlled" by ads that we feel we have to do everything they tell us to? I like to think we all (including kids) have a bit more judgement than that, otherwise we'd all be bankrupt!

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