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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Yesterday's Tube carriage could become Tomorrow's office

Old Jubilee Line trains turned into workspaces

When Tube carriages finally give up the ghost they are normally turned into scrap metal and landfill (that's after trendy designers get hold of the upholstery and make expensive dog coats), however it looks like there may be another use for them.

Disused Tube Carriages made into work spaces

Old Jubilee Line carriages are going to be made into work spaces for creative start-up businesses in Shoreditch, East London. The project is the brainchild of Village Underground, a new charity which supports new small companies.

Tom Foxcroft, the charity's director said:

"The idea came from my own experience as a designer trying to start a small practice with friends – we just couldn't get a foot on the ladder because of the price of studio and workspace......so I designed my own."

I personally couldn't really see myself spending my entire working day in a Tube carriage though, as I'd feel a bit cramped after a while. Doubtless, I'll make a trip over to Great Eastern Street at some point to see what they look like in-situ. Thanks to Marc for the heads-up on this.

Julie Pottinger from Tube Lines is all for the re-cycling and is keen to hear of other ideas for defunct carriages.

"It's great that we can put these old carriages to good use, benefiting local people and saving the environment a little. We're keen to find more ways of avoiding waste so if other people or organisations have ideas, we'd love to hear from them."

Quite some time ago Metro published a story about former London Underground worker Roger Brown who had an old Tube carriage in his back garden - presumably quite a large back garden - and he seems to use it just to sit around and read papers, like blokes tend to do in allotment sheds.

Roger Brown's Tube Carriage in Garden

"Some people think I'm bonkers", he mused "and I probably am. But I love trains and it's great to have one in my own garden".

I'd quite like the idea of seeing old carriages used as mini restaurants or cafes. They'd probably also make a good play area for kids who could bounce up and down on the seats as much as they liked with no scowls from fellow commuters. They could also have a ball swinging round the poles and hanging from the strap hangers and practicing their graffiti skills on the outside.

Do you have any more suggestions for re-cycling Tube carriages? Or do you have room for one in your back garden?

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