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Monday, March 05, 2007

Commuting Sleeping Jacket

Where can I get one?

I can fall asleep virtually anywhere and I've lost count now of the amount of times I've fallen asleep on the Tube. However, it appears that some people need help falling asleep on public transport and
Matthew Gale has designed a jacket purely for that purpose:

He said "During research I learned that people can sleep when their bodies are held in a rigid state as opposed to only a soft and yielding state - similar to most beds. I applied this concept to the Excubo jacket - a jacket that transforms into a firm and protective shell around the user."

Excubo Sleeping jacket in Metro

Excubo is Latin for "I sleep outside", and it doesn't just hold you upright (handy for fellow passengers) but it also serves as a duvet, sleeping mask, mittens and a pillow. Gale, from San Franciso, came up with the idea after watching fellow commuters struggle to stay awake.

He's now in talks with manufacturers to mass produce the jacket to sell around the US and the UK.

Looks like they are clearly needed for these people:

Sleeping on the Central Line

That was a jolly jape from his "friends" - they just poured water on him while he was sleeping - he hadn't wet himself

Full set of Sleeping Tube Commuters here.

All the sleeping jacket guy needs is a partnership with the guys who produce the "wake me up at" stickers and he's onto a winner.

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