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Thursday, February 07, 2008

Ziggy fronts Tube Dating Site

Following the many
sites that try to connect love struck, but tongue-tied, London Underground travellers with each other, Big Brother's Ziggy is going to be the spokesperson for a new site TalkontheTube.com.

Website founder Neil Martin decided to build the site after meeting a woman he liked on the commute home but failed to get her number.

He said "One fateful night in December 2006 when, on the way home from a night out in Clapham, I found myself in the enviable position of sitting next to a gorgeous blonde for the first leg of my journey back to Pimlico. I immediately noticed that like me she was wearing contact lenses and that her eyes were smarting in the dry air of the underground. So buoyed by the courage that inevitably ensues after four pints of London Pride, I ventured forth this astute insight. Much to my surprise and delight she didn't run down the other end of the carriage but instead complimented my powers of observation......

So as the doors closed behind me I was once again left kicking myself that I had forgotten to get her phone number and left wondering why there wasn't some sort of website where you could follow up such brief encounters. Hang on a minute though, what's to stop me starting such a site I thought and that moment Talk on the Tube was born!

Mmmm - pity Neil hadn't done a bit of Googling as he'd have probably found snoglondon, londontubemates, and the oldest as far as I know, Isawyoutoday.com. Since then thelondonpaper have a online version of their Commuter Cupid page. And of course there's a facebook group for people who temporarily fall in love with people on public transport.

Ziggy fronts Tube Dating SiteAnyway, talkonthetube has the usual social not-working networking features of profiles, pictures and videos & also features 'Second Chance' message boards to find people that caught your eye on the Tube.

Ziggy & his mate Brian (also from Big Brother) appear to be two of the "totties" up for grabs. Calm down ladies. And to top it all, Ziggy is also writing a weekly blog (I can't wait). Why Ziggy as a spokesperson? Well, he used to be in a band called "Northern Line" and I spose it's yet another way to eke a living out of Big Brother.

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