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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

European Hit Bus Driver Game to launch in the US

Now I know this isn't London Underground related (move along if you want the Tube stuff) , but a bus driving simulation game called "
Bus Driver" (which is apparently a big hit in Europe) will be crossing the shores to the US in May. I wonder if the threatened bendy bus will make it into the game? I suppose if no more are produced if Ken is re-elected or Boris elected, it would give the game that extra "must have" factor.

Bus Driver Game Screen Grab

From the game maker, Meridian 4's press release I learnt the following:

"The game, which is already a success with fans in Europe, will be hitting our shores in May. So everyone behind the yellow line, get to the back of the bus and make sure you have exact change because this is going to be a great ride!"

Their Marketing Director said: "When I first saw the name Bus Driver, I said....really? After playing the game and learning of SCS Software's heritage with games like Deer Hunter II & III and the successful 18 Wheels of Steel series, I knew that Bus Driver would be a hit with the right audience. Bus Driver will catch you off guard and have you obsessed within minutes."

The CEO of SCS Software Pavel Sebor added: "Having successfully launched the game across Europe, we are delighted to partner with Meridian4 to bring Bus Driver to Northern American fans of the game."

There are 12 buses to drive – detailed models inspired by real-world buses, including London's double-decker bus, Europe's low floor buses (I don't know if that includes the bendy bus) America's school bus and many more.

From London Assembly Member Tony Arbour's Campaign Newsletter

I like the multiple duties you have such as transporting tourists, driving a school bus, sight-seeing tours and even the transportation of prisoners. I wonder what other duties they should fit in if they really wanted to mirror the "skills" & duties of a London bus driver (My brother's a bus driver on London United so I should ask him).

But here's a few suggestions:
  1. Waiting for people to run up for the bus and then closing the doors at the last minute
  2. Refusing to move the bus until hoodies or trouble makers get off
  3. Hitting the Oyster card reader to try to make it work
  4. Looking really miserable for most of the day until clocking off time
  5. Speeding past a request stop when someone hasn't quite made it to stick out their hand in time (that's a variation on the first point)
Any more? Or if you've played the game what do you think of it?

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