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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Ninjas get free Train Rides in Japan Plus Straphanging while you Sleep

Sorry to begin with the "only in Japan" introduction, but seriously where else but in Japan would people who dressed up as Ninjas get free travel on the railway?

Free train journeys for Ninjas

Japan Probe report that passengers dressed in ninja costumes will be given free travel along the Iga Tetsudo line from April 1 to May 6 to mark the city's popular ninja festival.

"Each year, the festival is held centered on Iga's main districts, with ninja being the focus. Most events have a ninja theme, including the chance to try out ninja shuriken throwing stars." (I have absolutely no idea what that means but it sounds painful) "One of the more popular attractions at the festival is the practice of lending out ninja costumes and it is quite common to see families with everyone walking around the streets in ninja garb during the festival period."

My eye was drawn to an older related article at end of the Ninja post. "Drunk in the train (video)". I didn't play the drunk one but the video with the poor strap-hanger falling asleep on his feet is truly amazing:

How he manages to not fall flat on his face is totally beyond me. I love the fact that no one tries to wake him up. There's a classic part in the middle where a man keeps looking and looking at him in shock, but still decides not to wake him up. Then the poor guy falls off the strap and uses another seated sleeper's umbrella as prop to keep him upright & the pole to his left. Towards the end, he almost falls on top of the seated sleeping guy (whose umbrella he borrowed) who is nearest to him.

I have been known to sleep in all sorts of places and yes I have actually fallen asleep standing up once (fortunately only once) but I don't think even I could compete with this guy.

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