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Monday, May 12, 2008

Evening Standard ask - Has our Tube Drinks Ban coverage been fair?

I've been sent an email (well two emails actually) by Josh Neicho from letters at Evening Standard. He wants me to pass on to friends and colleagues who have previously run Circle Line parties.

I only have one friend who has run a Circle Line party(well a pub crawl to be more precise - which is completely different) and I will forward this on to him. However, I imagine that that some people who read this blog, may have run Circle Line Parties (or at least been on them which is I think what Josh is trying to get at) so in the interests of giving Josh a wider sample, plus I don't read the Evening Standard that often, I hope he won't mind me blogging his email. In fact he's probably already presumed I would post it:

This is Josh Neicho from Letters at the Evening Standard. Hope you don't mind me contacting you directly - just wanted to get in touch re our coverage of the Underground and buses drink ban as I am keen to include views from some critics of the policy (so far, the responses I have had have been in support, including from non-Boris supporters). I have previously been in touch with Geoff Marshall on other Tube matters and will email him separately; I would be very grateful if you send your own thoughts or forward this to friends and colleagues who have previously run Circle Line parties and might like to comment.

Josh Neicho
Evening Standard Letters
joshua.neicho @ standard.co.uk

Josh is possibly not aware that Geoff Marshall hasn't lived in London for about 18 months to two years, well he may have been if he'd looked at his
blog. But maybe the Evening Standard's coverage has got through to Geoff in the US. Also although Geoff has been on a Circle Line Tube party, as far as I know, he actually hasn't run one.

I will send Josh my own thoughts (if he's also interested in my thoughts on their sister publications' Metro & London Lite, I'll be happy to give them) and if anyone would like to do the same or through the comments here please feel free.

In the meantime you might be interested to see the londonpaper's letters page on the Tube drinks ban:

Londonpaper Letters Page on Tube Drinks Ban

Although the Londonpaper is owned by News International their letters pages cover a similar commuter audience.

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