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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Misheard on the London Underground

I've been visiting a lot of blogs I haven't visited for some time and am always pleased to visit
Jack's (BFKA Green Fairy) She's also coming along the the Flickr Scavenger Hunt at the London Tranpsort Museum in July (there's still some places left). One of my favourite posts of hers is when she blogged about a Tube station announcer who wanted a cleaner as there was spinach on the concourse.

She pictured "Spinach in the tube station! A small forest of swaying vegetation smothering the Oyster machine in dark glossy leaves and a hazy cloud of vitamin C! Rows of crisp, fresh lettuce springing up between cracks in the pavement! Runner beans snaking fat tendrils through the tunnels and a sudden shower of plump, succulent sprouts being gamely mopped up by the ticket inspector! Feathery carrot tops shyly nudging their way through asphalt! Rivulets of pea running freely in the gutters! Scores of workers throwing off the shackles of the tedious daily commute, donning wellies, shovels and wide, carefree grins and digging happily for..."

To have her terrifying image ruined when her friend said "spillage".

Other Tube terms that have been mis-heard

"Max the Catt" = Mind the Gap
"Canary Wolf" = Canary Wharf

Anything else that you think the announcers are saying on the Tube?

Speaking of spillages do you think they should have said "Would Inspector Bucket please report to platform 6" or do you know of any other code names for emergencies like "Inspector Sands please come to platform 5"?

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