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Friday, June 13, 2008

Tube wee'ing surveillance

Unusual sign spotted by regular commenter & contributor Jon Justice yesterday.

Bank wee'ing sign taken by Jon Justice

Jon said: "This was at Bank station in the stairs between the northbound and southbound Northern line platforms. I've never noticed these before. Seconds later I found myself needing to go to the bathroom, but I waited until I got home".

The power of suggestion eh?

I do wonder how the police would deal with those caught urinating though. Does "deal with" mean arrest? Do you just get cautioned? Or do they hand you some loo paper and point you in the direction of the nearest loos.

Although that is a bit of a problem on the London Underground, as there aren't toilets at every station. Even if you find them, they're certainly not open the whole time that the Tube system is open.

Kew Gardens Station Toilet

I'm still surprised that TfL haven't introduced a map which clearly shows where toilets are - rather than just in the little key at the bottom of the online map and the pocket maps. There's a map which shows where you can and can't carry bicycles on board the trains. But I would have thought that far many more people would be interested in quickly knowing which stations had toilets.

P on the Tube

The nearest we have is Geoff's visual which is unfortunately a few years old now and not exactly accurate:

Toilets on the London Underground

LastRounds.co.uk has done their best and say "Knowing the location of your closest public toilet can be a handy way to avoid those awkward moments, especially when you're out and about and there's nowhere else to go. Find your local public convenience by choosing a borough on the map here."

They even have a mobile alert so you can get a text to find out which places have a nearby loo

Any thoughts on what to do when you're caught short on the Tube would be much appreciated.

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