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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Stillness in King's Cross Rush

Over 70 million people pass through King's Cross Station each year making it the third busiest station on the London Underground. I'm one of the people who passes through it each day and you do see all of human life there.

Yesterday, for example in the morning I saw an old guy in a suit with a bowler hat and regulation British brolly slowly making his way towards the escalator amongst hoodies, luggage and general rush hour rush

King's Cross Bowler Hat and Umbrella

Coming home late tonight there were a couple of police people questioning a young down and out woman who was sat on the floor and not going anywhere.

Police at King's Cross

Two people moving slowly or not moving at all and the millions pass through King's Cross speeding along to their destinations. I'm the same, I was in a rush when I took the photos above, hence the blurriness - coupled with the mad rush there.

But there's something about that station that makes you rush. Maybe because it's the ultimate interchange on the Tube. The station that has the most London Underground lines passing through it. That makes it less of a destination and more of a place to get in and out of as quickly as possible.

Passenger numbers will definitely be well over 70 million now that the Channel Tunnel Rail Link has been completed. The redevelopment of the whole area will make it busier still and the slow or non moving people will appear even more lost.

If you change at King's Cross, what do you think? Or don't you think and see it just as a place where you change trains?

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