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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Paris Métro Style Launch Event

Sadly we're unlikely to see topless rugby players on the cover of a London Underground map any time soon. But thanks to Mark Ovenden's display of all things Métro-Parisian, I learnt that the transport authorities in Paris have no problems using half naked sports stars for pocket subway map covers.

Rugby Player Paris Métro Map

Mark very kindly invited me to the private launch of his book Paris Métro Style at the London Transport Museum last Friday. He'd put together a wonderful display of Paris Métro maps, signs, games, posters and general Métro memorabilia and err... mince pies (well, it's nearly Christmas) to celebrate the launch of his book.

Mark Ovenden Book Signing Métro Pocket Maps - 1930's

As well as the hunky rugby player covers there were some more traditional Paris Metro map covers from the 1930's.

I also loved the older posters and a board game based on commuting on the Métro. I imagine it was similar to the London Game for the Tube.

Strategic Métro Game 1940

Métro Cartoon Posters

My French is awful, but I think the ones with the guy being chased by his wife with a rolling pin & the robber trying to escape from the police (obviously similar fates in Paris) translate as "If you are in a rush take the Métro". Not sure about the ones on the right - hopefully someone who can speak French can translate.

There are some more pictures from the launch night here, including some wonderful signs which Mark's friends had prised from the walls (or rather borrowed) of the Métro!

Mind the Gap Beer Spillage Mat & Magnets

You've still got time to enter Mark's Paris Metro London Underground quiz and win a Mind the Gap beer spillage mat or a Mind the Gap fridge magnet. Mark's been pretty impressed with the answers so far and you even managed to spot another answer that he hadn't thought of.

Bonne Chance!

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