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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Recycling Metros on the Tube

Metro are trying another approach to tidy up the London Underground in the mornings, by running ads encourage commuters to recycle their papers rather than "desert" them.

Recycle your Metro ad in Metro

However, it didn't seem to be working that well yesterday, as I saw the usual pile of Metros (with this very ad in them) on the little ledge behind the seats on the Piccadilly Line.

Discarded Metros

I must admit that I used to regard it as a personal service to my fellow commuters to leave my Metro behind for others to read. However, with londonpaper in the evening, I always recycled it.

Metro Sordid Affair - Recycling Ad

I bet Metro also use copies "passed on" in their total readership figures. But since I've seen the paper "mountain" in a number of Tube carriages, I always take any paper away with me.

Metro & other free-sheets have tried a number of initiatives to stop people leaving papers behind, from sponsoring recycling bins outside Tube stations in Westminster & a few stations in outer zones to getting staff on the London Underground to make announcements about taking your papers with you.

Piccadilly Line Litter

Apparently London Underground commuters left behind nine and half tonnes of free newspapers behind every day and that was just on the Piccadilly, Northern and Jubilee lines.

Tube Lines said "There has been a huge increase in the numbers of free newspapers being left on trains; typically 9.5 tonnes are picked off trains each day now, compared with three tonnes in the past".

Maybe the new ads in Metro will work with some people, but it certainly didn't make much difference with some of my fellow commuters on the Piccadilly Line.

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