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Monday, March 09, 2009

London's Transport in Miniature - Scavenger Hunt

On Saturday we were luckily able to fast track the ginormous queue at the Acton Depot as we were taking part in the
Flickr Scavenger Hunt there. I've been to the London Transport Museum at the Acton Depot a few times, but have never seen a queue so long. However, it might not have just been the popularity of seeing the overspill of the musuem's exhibits & mini transport. Fimb reminded me it's been one of the few times there haven't been weekend engineering works on the Tube lines going to Acton on an "Open Weekend" at the Depot!

Who would live in a house like this?

Jemimah, Jon, Dav and myself formed an intrepid team where we ambled round the crowds, trying not to step on small children or knock thermos flasks out of men's hands, in our search of photographic clues.

Lego Tube by Jemimah Knight

Some of the clues were so fiendishly difficult and we got waylaid just by taking pictures we liked (like the Lego London Underground set above), that I'm amazed we completed as many clues as we did.

Waiting at Acton by Digital Story

Plus, Dav got a bit lost on the way there and had a mini tour of the many Tube stations of Acton, taking pictures in their waiting rooms before eventually ending up at Acton Town.

However, we did manage to correctly capture some clues:

Space Tube by Kodabar

"A little bit of the future - going to the stars but underground" was a model of The Space Train, complete with transparent space age men.

Arrrgh! Giant child!! by Jemimah Knight

Graffiti at Myrtle Avenue

The two pictures above are of "A little big apple rolls down the avenue" which was a miniature display of fictional New York Subway station and its surroundings, complete with a police arrest at gunpoint in front of a giant child.

"A beatle sized replica" or rather Abbey Road was a popular draw:

Abbey Road meets Only Fools and Horses by Annie Mole

I got too excited about the mini Trotter mobile from Only Fools & Horses to spot the mini Beatles crossing the road in front of the Tube station in the background! Fortunately Jemimah concentrated on the min John, Paul, George and Ringo a bit more:

Miniature beatles by Jemimah Knight

We had fun with some of the clues we got wrong. For example, how else would you interpret "Love me Tender, love me true. When the bus breaks down this'll come for you".

Love me Tender by Annie Mole

Than with an Elvis car. We were pleased to win a prize for most inventive photo of a clue for this one.

We diligently collected lots of pictures of Timepieces, Fire Buckets and Way Out signs on our journey round the depot

Timepieces by Kodabar

We took a break from the exhibits & crowds to do the following shot "Show your group sitting on a bench at a closed station"

Our Team on Museum Bench

However our arms weren't quite long enough to get the full "Museum" station roundel in.

Back inside we managed to find "Somewhere to hide when the bombs start falling"

One person nuke shelter by Jemimah Knight

As Jemimah said: "This intrigues the heck out of me. A one person nuke bunker? Doesn't look too hot really. But even if it worked...one lonely survivor. Sad cold object."

We also had to find "A doubling of a ticket price in two photos"

40p fare Fare raised to 80p by Annie Mole

Jon said "40p? Tch, that's only a tenth of what a single fare is now".

Waterloo & City Line - Network Rail

We found a very old and knackered looking "underground interloper from British Rail", in the shape of a Waterloo and City Line carriage.

Classic Red Car Tube by Digital Story

Back in the shiny 1938 stock, we decided this would be a good setting to "Re-enact what it may have been like during the rush hour"

Real Rush Hour

So we got in as much misery and pained expressions as we could.

Jemimah & Jon were intrigued by some old ads in the carriage:

Eh? by Jemimah Knight

047 by Kodabar

"Astonishing adverts: "Ring-a-job. Men just dial and listen" These days, that costs £1.50 a minute...", said Jon.

Loo Tube - picture clue 4 by Annie Mole

There are many other answers to the twenty "Wordy clues", group photos, targets and picture clues on our sets. So please check them out and comment away on the pictures, as there's still a prize in the offing for best photo: Jemimah, Jon, Dav and myself.

Finally some thanks are definitely in order. Thanks to Qype for the prizes, thanks to Cowfish, Mondoagogo and Blech for the inventive clues and thanks to Jane Findlay and the Community Team at the London Transport Museum for giving us a great day out.

UPDATE - BTW if you wanted to see the full set of clues and answers they're all on Cowfish's blog.

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