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Friday, June 05, 2009

Strike talks continue as RMT appeal to ASLEF

Today at noon there will be
more talks between the RMT and London Underground in an attempt to stop next week's Tube strike.

Bob Crow said "We hope that the Mayor, who was full of praise for his transport staff earlier this year when they struggled against the snow to try and keep London moving, will issue a clear mandate to his senior staff to lift the threat of pay cuts and compulsory redundancies and to rebuild the industrial relations machinery on the tube." Although Dave Hill from The Guardian wouldn't count on Boris's help here.

RMT memo to ASLEF members

The RMT seem desperate to pull out all the stops with this strike and I've been sent a memo, which I believe to be true, of the RMT attempting to get ASLEF members to join them during the strike.

It also doesn't seem to hold much of an opinion for Boris either. "LUL's boss Boris Johnson has a deep seated political hatred for all unions and an ideological aim of seeing us broken on the underground" is highlighted in bold lettering.

It's worrying if this is a serious suggestion that members of another union should change their allegiance temporarily to support a strike that ASLEF members have not had an opportunity to vote on? It sounds very desperate and I wonder if it's even legal.

You can see the memo in full here, and I'd very keen to hear your views. Either way very interesting times ahead and we'll see what today's talks bring.

UPDATE - New offer from LU - Just heard the following from The Guardian's Dave Hill - "London Underground has today tabled what I'm told is a "fresh pay offer" to the RMT, Aslef and the TSSA. It covers two years instead of the five previously proposed and which the RMT rejected. It also proposes setting aside matters relating to the Olympics for now with a view to separate discussions.

My information is the all three unions have taken the offer away for consideration. The immediate big question is whether this development will persuade the RMT will to call off next week's strike action....

LU Interim Managing Director Richard Parry says, "There is now no reason whatsoever for the RMT leadership to continue to call for strike action next week." Bob Crow says, "The talks have been adjourned until Monday. Both sides will now consider their position and will get back around the table at 9.30 on Monday morning.

Thanks also Dave for linking to the RMT memo above!

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