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Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Tube wants bigger buns on Calendar Girl

The prudes at TfL are at it again, as an ad for the play Calendar Girls featuring Kelly Brook had to be amended three times before it was allowed on the London Underground.

Kelly told to cover up for the Tube

It's like one of those spot the difference games, but finally the picture of Kelly on the right was deemed to have large enough buns to keep TfL happy.

The play's producer, David Pugh, said "Someone is sitting in a dark room somewhere peering at any sort of nudity. The whole truth of the story that I'm doing is about this group of ordinary women who did something extraordinary. I'm replicating what they did. They said we were trying to titillate Tube travellers, I thought it was a joke."

With a quote more suitable to a Carry On film than an transport statement, Metro said a spokesman from TFL said they asked for "a few tweaks" to make sure the advert complied with their policy.

This isn't the first time PhotoShop has been used to make an advert comply with London Underground's policy on decency.

Nip / Tuck Ad - now approved

An ad for Nip Tuck was amended so that the models looked a little more clothed last March. Although a nude Venus advertising a Royal Academy exhibition was initially banned, but bosses relented. But only after they were they were branded "bonkers" by the chair of the Commons Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee.

So what of the current bun cover up? Are they "bonkers" or would Kelly have been showing too much of herself for the travelling public?

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