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Monday, January 11, 2010

No Trousers on the Tube 2010

Over thirty brave souls braced the icy temperatures in London yesterday to take part in the first
No Trousers on the London Underground event. Although over two hundred people had signed up to be in the London part of the global task, the weather meant that most stayed wrapped up. However, if you were on the Piccadilly Line, between 3pm and 5pm, youd have seen the trouserless travelling between Leicester Square, King's Cross and Earl's Court before going back to Leicester Square.

No trousers at Covent Garden by idilsukan

Rammi took part and is featured in trouserless at King's Cross Tube in today's Metro! Updating on Twitter she said "I was in the 5th carriage for most of the ride, with foreign young people and elderly women giving me evil looks. I think photographers outnumbered the participants"

My wishes of warmth didn't work as it it was "freezing" at the meeting point in Trafalgar Square, where she tweeted "W00t for coldness and mismatched underwear in public view!" However once on the trains it was really hot and packed at King's Cross.

No trousers on the Tube by idilsukan

Ryan Millar blogged about the Trouserless on the Tube experience too:

"After the first stop we all awaited the signal from Team Leader Seamus to drop trou. Initially, when the six of us in my carriage all de-trousered, the reaction was mild surprise.

Or the old "Look! Don't look!" gambit.

I just leaned up near the door, at the end of the car. Reading. Finally the guy next to me (after a few stops) asked me why I took my trousers off.

"It's hot in here," I explained.
"But what about them?" he asked, gesturing to the other bare legs in the carriage.
"Yeah, they took theirs off too," I agreed.
For some reason this seemed to satisfy his curiosity.

Sounds like London - I bet everyone else was dying to ask.

There's a great set of photos by idulsukin here.

Rammi also pointed me to the video of a trouser removal at Covent Garden. Hopefully next year it won't be freezing & more people will turn up. Well done to the those who braved it & putting London on the No Trousers Metro map!

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