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Friday, March 19, 2010

Tube Ad of the week - Love your Lady Garden

A rare occasion where London Underground's advertising censors haven't got their knickers in a twist about what might offend us, poor easily offended commuters. You've probably seen a spate of ads on the Tube with slang terms for "lady bits" , with just the intriguing tag line loveyourvagina.com

Lady Garden Tube Ad from door

CBS Outdoor, the people that oversee the ads on the London Underground, seem happy with Lady Garden, Fru Fru, Coochie and VaJaJa being flashed around the Tube. Yet the minute an ad that vaguely reminds us of graffiti - or actually has original graffiti re-added, it's ripped down in an instant.

Coochie Tube Ad 2

Luckily, in the approval board room no one thought it was a worry for parents to have to explain to their kids what a Lady Garden or a Coochie is.

At least the ads are not encouraging us to whip our lady bits out on the Tube and this is an encouraging sign of CBS Outdoor not being as prudish as normal.

Lady Garden Tube Ad

By the way, you might be quite surprised if you click through to loveyourvagina.com - it's a product that divides opinions with women. However, it's advertised in a fun way and there's even a tag cloud to find the UK's most popular name for a vagina. Depending on where you work, it might not be safe for the office!

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