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Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Tube Etiquette poster needed

Do you feel we need more signs on the London Underground which tell people how to get on and off trains? You'd think it would be simple, but when crowds are concerned, there are still some travellers that have no idea about letting people off the Tube first before they get in.

Toronto newspaper
The National Post is also tired of this behaviour on the subway. They've produced a brilliant poster which they encourage people to follow and print.

Toronto Transit Civility Commission Poster

"We here at the Toronto Transit Civility Commission are firm believers in foresight and its necessity in keeping the system running smoothly. That’s why today’s official TTCC, unofficial TTC poster is about planning for, and managing, your body as a train moves into a station. It may seem obvious, but some people only dimly recall their physics lessons about two objects being unable to occupy the same space at the same time."

I wonder how many people have printed it off and stuck it on the subway over there? Do you think we should have similar designs for the Tube? Something like the above would make a great cross platform London Underground ad.

The newspaper also ask for readers to send in other "transit peeves/grievances/peevances" for future campaigns and posters.

What posters like this do we need on the Tube? I definitely think people should be advised on how to travel with large rucksacks. It's long been a personal bugbear that travellers often forget they have these on their backs on the Tube.

Hat tip to Jamillah Knight for discovering this via Chip Zdarsky!

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