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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tube Photo of the Week - Angel Tube Cat

Not only is this a lovely shot of a cat outside a London Underground station, it's also a lovely story. I'll let the photographer,
Stuff n Nonsense, explain:

The Big Issue Cat by Suff n Nonsense
The Big Issue Cat by Stuff n Nonsense

"There's a Big Issue seller who has a pitch in the afternoons outside Angel Tube station.

A while ago, he found a stray cat with a badly bust up leg, so being a kindly soul, he took the cat along to an animal shelter to get it sorted out. He wasn't expecting them to tell him when the cat was healed, he was to take the cat back with him - but that's what they said and that's what happened.

The cat became incredibly attatched to its rescuer and would try to follow the man whenever he went out. Realising that cats do what they want, the man gave up trying to get the cat to stay home and allowed it to come with him and these days the cat will be sat outside the station as the man sells copies of the magazine, calmly guarding the takings and
posing for photos.

I don't think you could meet a more calm tempered cat if you tried

He or she is certainly the closest I've seen to a contender for Japan's station master cat, who's also happy to pose for photos & brings in huge revenue for the station.

Great spot by Stuff n Nonsense and thanks to him for finding out & sharing the backstory.

Update - The cat's called Bob and Alexey Kovalev interviewed his owner outside Angel Tube in the video below, where you can see Bob posing happily for pictures and learn what happens when he wants a loo break!

Update 4th August 2011
- Bob has a Book Deal

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