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Monday, March 14, 2011

Tube stations not on the London Underground

Ever heard of Denton Tube station?

Denton Tube Screengrab

It has a roundel. It's got a dirty looking train on the platform with some graffiti on it.

Denton Tube Train Screengrab

It's hard to make out the moquette from the train's seats looking at this screengrab.

Tube at Denton Station

Would it help to know that the station is not actually in London, but in Gravesend?  Still guessing?

Thanks to Allan Williams  aka @Staffsplate,  I learnt that the Specialist Police Training centre in Gravesend has a mock town, complete with its own lifesize Tube station, so that the Met Police can learn how to handle public disturbances.

In addition to the mock Tube there's also a mock stadium.  Allan discovered this on the BBC children's programme Cop School.  The kids in the show didn't get a chance to try it out when they were learning how to dominate and contain suspected criminals, just by using their voice - so you won't see that it in the clip.

However, it's interesting knowing that the police do have training of how to handle people in a real London Underground train, before putting it into practice.

So now you can add Denton Tube station to West Ashfield Tube Station, another mock station, that  IanVisits visited last year - this one's just for training London Underground staff.

I wonder where the name Denton came from? Any theories?

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