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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Try Googling it - Weird searches that found my blog

I rarely do these "How people found my blog" posts. However, last night, I was laughing like a drain at the following search query:

How to turn a magic wand into an oyster card"

Yay, this blog was the second result for that! It's like something from Harry Potter. Perhaps the students at Hogwarts are a bit strapped for cash and are desperately looking for cheap ways to get into London. Thinking further about this, if you had a magic wand, wouldn't you be able to use it to turn itself into an Oyster card anyway?

Now, those looking for how to turn an Oyster Card into a magic wand - you're in luck

Sadly there are no pictures of "fluffy dressing gown kerry katona" - although hopefully the picture of Kara Tointon in a silky dressing gown on the Tube, was enough for this person.

Glad someone is showing concern for our former mayor "flu london bridge ken livingstone" brought them to the blog.  No idea how that happened.

Those looking for advice on "hiring a Stormtrooper for the day", will be out of luck, but can see a video of Stormtroopers on New York's subway instead.

Word of warning. Don't look up "scared whipping tube" on Google.it - it brings up some really unsavoury results and this blog.

Finally, to the person looking for "older woman looking wanting (you can guess what goes here) in Earls Court", glad you made it to the 37th entry of Google's search results to find this blog. I'm sure it didn't help you, but top marks for persistence.

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