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Friday, August 26, 2011

Bob The Angel Tube Cat - Update

Since the fantastic news about
Bob the Angel Tube Cat & his Big Issue owner getting a a book deal got featured on Catster's blog (Catster's a massive online community for cats in case you were wondering), the whole thing's "gone viral" according to James, Bob's owner. I've been getting literally loads of very sweet emails asking me when Bob is at the Angel London Underground, if he's OK as people haven't seen the pair, where else they are etc. So I'm pleased to report that I saw them last night and they are as lovely as ever.

James & Bob the Big Issue / Angel Tube Cat - 25th August 2011 by Annie Mole

James has got the date for a launch party from his book publishers, Hodder & Stoughton and should be able to annnounce this soon.

Last week The Big Issue featured him & Bob in the magazine and as a fun follow up asked readers to send in pictures of their cats "reading" The Big Issue. So if you get this week's edition (see the one in the picture with James) you'll see pictures of cats looking at pictures of other cats and putting their paws on photos of Bob. London's going cat crazy!

The guys & gal at Angel Tube confirmed they had given Bob his own Oystercard as well. When I was chatting to them last night, James went off for a quick fag break with Bob perched on his shoulder. I was already behind the barriers and too far off to leg after them to snap a picture.  Although there are some lovely photos of Bob on James's shoulder in the Bob the Big Issue Cat & James Flickr Group.

This story keeps on giving!


My cat Bolli is very attention seeking and when he heard about The Big Issue wanting pictures of cats reading the magazine, he demanded I give him a copy to read.

Bolli pondering sponsorship opportunities - The Big Issue authors discuss publishing & corporate

The last one I bought from James was one where Neil Gaiman interviewed Iain Banks  in advance of the Edinburgh Festival. Both Bolli & myself are big fans of Gaiman (Neverwhere should be required reading for all Tube commuters) & Banks (whisky pub crawl on Glasgow's subway in Espedair Street is a classic).   Bolli took a strong interest in the article which covered Doctor Who, whisky & why publishing has become so corporate. There are a couple more pictures here, before Bolli got bored and went off to have a nap.

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