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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Ghost Tube Station Infographics

Every so often I get an email or a Tweet from someone saying "Have you seen this about the Tube?". In about 90% of cases I have, and have either blogged about it a while back or it was on my radar to blog about in the future. However, in the 10% of cases where I haven't it's usually something lovely or fun or interesting and I'm compelled to share it straight away. I was delighted to hear that
Penney Design has created five really cool retro looking illustrations/infographics of "ghost" or abandoned London Underground stations.

Piccadilly Line Ghost Station Infographic by Penney Design

Robert Penney said of the stations: "Many remain fairly intact and some even feature time capsule-like qualities, such as WWII propaganda posters hanging from the platform walls."

District Line Ghost Station Infographic by Penney Design

I love how some of the infographics have little wartime ads on them to "Save Your Scrap" or "Confirm your Confidence in Churchill"

Each of the five infographics has opening and closing dates for the stations and facts about why they were closed and interesting connections relating to their use in the war, whether they were used in film or TV, in music videos or in computer computer games.

You can see the full set here and they're also available as posters.  Thanks so much to @ConsultantHead who told me about them when he saw them on Retronaut.

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