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Friday, January 27, 2012

Cheer up the Tube stickers in the Wild

Make sure you're polite on the London Underground otherwise the Tube mice will getya. So says a sticker spotted by
@Chipwood09 on the Circle Line yesterday:

Rudeness Attracts Tube Mice by @Chipwood09

He asked if there were any more like this. I thought there were. Certainly reminded me of some stickers I saw in "Look Mum No Hands" and a quick(ish) Google search revealed they do indeed have them.

As well as "Danger! Rudeness attracts Tube Mice", there's also Cheer Up Tube stickers for "Frowning on a Friday - Strictly Forbidden", "Fixed Penalty, All Sweeties must be shared & Chocolate" and "Loud music prohibited - Unless you sing along too".

Cheer up The Tube Stickersfrom Look Mum No Hands
Cheer up The Tube Stickers from Look Mum No Hands

For £2 for a pack of five they're a bobby bargain!

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