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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Dogs on Trains - Find of the Week

Dogs on the London Underground. I'm a big fan of dogs and love how they travel on the Tube, they're curious but usually quite calm. The polar opposite of how a cat would be when travelling by train. So I was delighted to discover a new Tumblr blog simply called
Dogs on Trains. The premise is simple, if you've seen a dog, whilst on a train, take a photo, send it to Ellen Munro or Tweet her the link at @dogsontrains & she'll put it on her site with a suitable caption.

I tweeted a her a couple of pictures of dogs I'd recently seen on my travels & after a wait in the queue (she's getting tons of submissions so it could take a few days before you see your picture), the following appeared on the site

Pug on the Tube
Worried pug. Do you think it’s those shoes that are bothering him? Seen by @Anniemole on the London Underground - December 2011

I loved this little creature though and couldn't stop giggling at its expression. The pug looked up at me as if to say "Why are you laughing at my face?"

This one was not on the  Tube but  huge husky type dog I saw on the London Overground.

Husky on the London Overground
A lot of huskies out there enjoy train travel, who’d want to pull a sled?! Seen by @Anniemole on the London Overground - November 2011

Here's a couple of others I liked

Och ay the noo! Scottie dog seen by @KyiBoomer on the Hammersmith and City line, London - January 2012

Ready for this one? A DOG IN A PRAM. No, really. Seen by Ann-Marie James on the Victoria Line, London.

The whole site is strangely compelling & if you like dogs (and trains I spose) Dogs on Trains is a lovely place to visit.

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