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Monday, January 23, 2012

Downing Street Lord asks Mayor to Replace Tube Escalators with Slides

No this isn't a spoof.
Lord Toby Harris believes that Boris Johnson should consider a rejected e-petition made to the Government to "improve “the flow of passengers through busy London Underground stations” by installing slides in place of escalators."

Lord Harris (@LordTobySays), who chairs the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Policing and is Treasurer of the Parliamentary Information Technology Committee said "The e-petition has been rejected because this is a matter for a devolved authority – in this case the Mayor of London – and therefore it is for the Mayor of London to consider this proposal."

A prototype has already been tried out in Berlin and proved popular with more people choosing the slides than the escalators or stairs.

Also commuters in Holland can take the newly installed "transfer accelerator" to quickly descend the station stairs at Overvecht Station and access platforms.

Overvecht Station installs  - transfer accelerator

"At night the slide is said to play music from Bach". That's amazing!

Lord Harris notes the e-petition for the slides in London states that 
Small prizes should be available for those reaching the bottom in the fastest time. These would be paid for out of the savings of not having to maintain and operate down escalators.”

Come on Boris, what are you waiting for?

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