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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Mad Men Inspired Tube Ad

Only just noticed these new ads on the London Underground that have clearly been inspired by Mad Men graphics. The man falling down the Tube escalators is to remind us not to run down escalators & "A little patience won't hurt you", whereas running down escalators & stairs possibly will.

Mad Men Escalator Ad

Last year there was one fatality & 1,968 injuries due to "lack of attention on stairs and escalators".  It may or may not be a surprise that this ad is placed at Bethnal Green - scene of the worst civilian accident during the 2nd World War when 173 people were crushed to death descending stairs at the station during an air raid.  A rather chilling reminder of the need to be careful on stairs or just coincidental placement?

I usually try to walk down escalators but lazily stand when they're going up. I've personally seen very few people run down escalators, but I'm guessing that "lack of attention" means things other than running. I have seeen an number of kids & teenagers running or rather trying to run up the down escalators.  Also the Angel Tube ski-ing exercise would be pretty high on the list of, not the most sensible thing to do on an escalator.

Perhaps if the London Underground installed slides rather than stairs (as recently discussed when Lord Toby Harris stated that Boris Johnson should consider a rejected e-petition made to the Government to "improve “the flow of passengers through busy London Underground stations” by installing slides in place of escalators.") , this could help people with their impatience & make commuting more enjoyable too.

Mad Men Tube Ad - Bethnal Green

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