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Monday, March 19, 2012

5th episode BBC2's The Tube Documentary - Rush Hour, Fainting, Failures & Pigeon Control

The fifth episode of BBC2's documentary on London Underground staff promises a mixture of Tube delights tonight.
Brian Pigeon should look away right now as the Tube's most unusual employee, a hawk called Toyah, will be put to work on pigeon patrol. The Tube, a six part series airing each Monday at 9pm, takes a behind the scenes look at the day-to-day running of the Underground.

London Underground Pigeon warning by andrewgrill
London Underground Pigeon warning by andrewgrill

I've never really understood the fascination the London Underground have with maiming and scaring away pigeons. Perhaps tonight's episode will show why it is. They clearly spend a lot of time (and money) with "pigeon control".

Pigeon on Tube Seat - Hammersmith & City Line by Annie Mole

Also on tonight's episode: "Station Supervisor Bob Weedon at Bank has to deal with five injuries and faintings in a row during one rush hour crush." Remember the series was filmed in the summer time and there are loads of notices on the Tube then about carrying water and what to do when you feel faint on the London Underground. One of the nicer signs is below by the lovely station assistant Kim, of Caledonian Road Tube, whose arty designs brighten up the Tube station's white boards.

Hot weather alert by Yaili
Hot Weather sign at Caledonian Road Tube by Yaili

And you'll also see how "Chief operating officer Howard Collins must muck in when a power failure on the Jubilee Line threatens to disrupt the evening peak."

Jubilee Line - Power failure - people evacuated! by The Night Prowler
Jubilee Line - Power failure - people evacuated! by The Night Prowler

I'm not sure why the Jubilee Line seems to have more than its fair share of reported power failures. When I was looking for pictures to illustrate "power failure" the line popped up quite a number of times.  Hopefully Howard Collins will explain this tonight and I'm sure many Tube staff that read this blog will be interested to see what "mucking in" for the London Underground boss really means.

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