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Monday, May 21, 2012

Alexandra Burke on the Tube

Remember when Alexandra Burke got thrown off the London Underground for not having a licence to film the video for her new single there.  A source had told
The Sun (so it must be true) : “The Tube manager kept making announcements over the Tannoy that the filming had to stop.

“When he was ignored he came downstairs and shouted that Alexandra didn’t have the right permit to film. At first Alex thought he was joking. But when he said she’d be arrested, she realised things were more serious and hurried out.” 

Alexandra Burke on The Tube

Well it looks like her record company must have gone to some expense hiring a Tube carriage somewhere as thanks to IanVisits spot, she appears to be encouraging a mass party on the system .

Did TfL give in? Did she eventually get the right pass? Did the record company find someone happy to lend them a Victoria line carriage for an evening? Was the whole initial story made up by The Sun or "the source" in an attempt to gain early publicity for Ms Burke? Who knows?

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